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Tammy Britton, Principal

Principal Tammy Britton

Tammy Britton received a B.S. in education from Langston University and a M.Ed in educational administration from the University of Oklahoma. She joined Tulsa Public Schools in 1997 and has served elementary schools throughout her career in education. She worked at Anderson Elementary fromm 1997 through 2006, starting as a third grade teacher then becoming a teacher's coach in 2000. In 2007, she transferred to Kendall-Whittier Elementary to serve as assistant principal. She first worked as a principal at Burroughs in 2008, then spent two years at Cooper Elementary before moving back to Burroughs in 2012.

Demetria Tisdale, Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal Demetria Tisdale

After approximately 24 years in the district, Assistant Principal Tisdale still finds joy and excitement in performing her job.  She is a product of the Tulsa Public School family.  She earned her undergraduate degree from Langston University and successfully completed her Master’s from Oklahoma State University. She spent her entry years of teaching at Burroughs Elementary, yes, you’re reading this right, because she has come full circle to now being one of the building leaders. Mrs. Tisdale enjoys the juxtaposition of an assistant principal because she has equal opportunities to be impactful to scholars and faculty alike.  She welcomes the conversations of the young people so that she can keep a pulse of avenues that are important to them.  When not engaged or entrenched in areas of academia, Mrs. Tisdale can be found at her local gym.

Tammy Britton

Dee Tisdale
Assistant Principal