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mural painting in cafeteria  that has students being read to

We will provide a quality educational experience to every child, every day without exception.

The vision of John Burroughs Elementary is to educate the whole child.

We are a Reading First School; and all of our classes have a daily 90 minute uninterrupted reading block with an additional 30 minute block added for our targeted students.  We also implement a 90 minute math block to meet the mathematic standards.

By modeling the district traits, Burroughs beams with pride as it follows the district protocols in terms of displaying our values of Equity, Character, Excellence, Team and Joy. We are focusing 100% on the value of Equity, whereby ensuring each scholar has the resources and supports to meet their needs. Burroughs Elementary continues to be innovative and creative in reaching the talents of our students, including offering a STEM Classroom, Journalism Club, Robotics, Recreational League Basketball and Musical Strings.

In years to come, Burroughs will be remembered as the place ‘where I got my start!’

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Tammy Britton


Bobcat Pride


We are the bobcats yes siree. We'll take our place in history. Red and Gold will show you the way. Giving mankind a new dawn and day. Love one another is our theme. Showing all others is our dream. Students and teachers at John Burroughs School send a warm welcome to all of you.


I am a Burroughs Elementary School student.
I have great expectations for myself.
I accept the challenge to become the best that I can be.

Yesterday's failures are behind me.
Today's successes are now before me.
I will make today the very best day of all, for this day begins the rest of my life.

I accept the responsibility for my behavior and it's results.
I do not have the right to interfere with the learning and well being of others.

With my family and teachers,
I will determine what I will become,
For the education I receive today will make me a leader of tomorrow.


Burroughs Bobcats in the house.
Building skills without a doubt.
Reading, writing, math, and more.
Even better than before.

T - R - A - C - K - S! 
Teamwork!  Respect!  Attitude!  Character!  Kindness!  Success!
Go Bobcats!

Teacher Creed

I am a teacher.  I accept the challenge to be sagacious 
and tenacious in teaching every student because I believe that every child can learn. I accept the responsibility to create a learning environment conducive to optimum achievement, academically, socially, and emotionally. I actively pursue excellence, for myself and for my students. I provide a model of decorum and respect that guides my students as well as honors them. I affirm superlative expectations for my students and myself. I cherish every child. I am a teacher. I change the world, one student at a time.