School Colors:
Red and Gold
School Song:
We are the bobcats yes siree.  We'll take our place in history. 
Red and Gold will show you the way.  Giving mankind a new
dawn and day.  Love one another is our theme.  Showing all
others is our dream.  Students and teachers at John Burroughs
School.  Send a warm welcome to all of you.
School Creed:
I am a Burroughs Elementary School student.
I have great expectations for myself.
I accept the challenge to become the best that I can be.

Yesterday's failures are behind me.
Today's successes are now before me.
I will make today the very best day of all, for this day begins the rest of my life.

I accept the responsibility for my behavior and it's results.
I do not have the right to interfere with the learning and well being of others.

With my family and teachers,
I will determine what I will become,
For the education I recieve today will make me a leader of tomorrow.
School Mascot:
School Chant:
Burroughs Bobcats in the house.
Building skills without a doubt.
Reading, writing, math, and more.
Even better than before.


T - R - A - C - K - S! 

Teamwork!  Respect!  Attitude!  Character!  Kindness!  Success!

Go Bobcats!
Teachers Creed:
I am a teacher.  I accept the challenge to be sagacious
and tenacious in teaching every student because I believe
that every child can learn.

I accept the responsibility to create a learning environment
conducive to optimum achievement, academically, socially,
and emotionally.

I actively pursue excellence, for myself and for my students.

I provide a model of decorum and respect that guides my
students as well as honors them.

I affirm superlative expectations for my students and myself.

I cherish every child.

I am a teacher.  I change the world, one student at a time

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